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          2006 Common Buckeye Butterfly Additional 24-cents Postage Stamp

          Issue Date: March 6, 2006

          First Day City: Washington, DC

          Type of Stamp:  Definitive

          Printed by: Avery Dennison

          Printing Method:  Foil Stamping, Offset, Microprint

          Format:  Pane of 10


          Quantity Printed:250,000,000 

          The Common Buckeye butterfly is found across much of the United States in the summer season. In autumn, hordes of butterflies along the East Coast migrate south. The eyespots on the wings serve to startle predatory birds. The Common Buckeye stamp was issued in three formats – with an 11 ¼ perf, with an 11 die cut perf, and in coil form.

          The Junonia coenia (also known as the "Common Buckeye" butterfly) can be found in most areas of the United States. On March 8, 2006, the Postal Service released the 24-cent Common Buckeye Butterfly stamp.


          • legal Postage Stamps: These are 100% legal authorized First-Class Forever© USPS postage stamps which can mail letters, envelopes and others,One stamp is one ounce.*The slash over "Forever" in the image is to protect it from being used to produce counterfeit postage. Actual stamps will not have this.
          • Forever Stamps: These postage stamps are valid forever postage stamps that can be used at any time, you can send mails no more than 1 ounce.
          • Easy Use: With self-adhesive,convenient to use. Not only great for postcards, letters, mailing envelopes or collecting but also suitable for collectibles, birthday, weddings, parties, celebrations and so on.
          • Saving Your Time and Money: No need to waste your time and money on the way to the post offi