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          Corsages originated in the Victorian era and have evolved into personal statements that can be the crowning jewel of a woman’s formal outfit. 

          Wearing corsages first came into fashion during the 18th and 19th centuries.  A small group of flowers was pinned to the front of a woman’s dress and worn for special occasions like weddings (the flowers were said to ward off evil spirits).  Originally called bouquet de corsage, regular use of the phrase led to it being shortened to just corsage. 

          As formal fashion changed over the years, corsages went from being pinned to the front of the dress during the Victorian era, to decorating the shoulder of a gown in the 1950s, to now being worn on the wrist.  They are often given to a woman by her date as a sign of affection – most commonly at high school proms.  The flowers are specially selected to complement a woman’s dress, and she will sometimes help her date pick out the right blooms.

          Today, corsages can be elaborate or simple, traditional or innovative.  Most are made with fresh flowers, but some use silk plants so the corsage will last forever.  One daring designer even created a rose corsage from bulletproof Kevlar.  No matter the flowers or design, corsages are a thoughtful gift and make even the most simple celebration a special one. 

          These Forever ®stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class MailR one-ounce rate.

          Made in the USA.

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          Issue: Celebration Corsage Stamp
          Item Number: 563000
          Denomination & Type of Issue: 2-Ounce Rate, Nondenominated, Mail Use