Garden Beauty Stamps 2021


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          One of the best parts of welcoming spring is looking forward to enjoying the outdoors again.  After a cold, wet winter, it feels wonderful to get out and soak in the warm sunshine.  And, of course, admiring all the beautiful flowers starting to poke their way through the ground.

          In 2021, the United States Postal Service anticipated the arrival of spring with a new set of 10 Forever stamps honoring Garden Beauty.  Each design pictures a different flower, with two species pictured twice.  The blooms on the stamps are a flowering dogwood, tulip (shown twice), Allium, moth orchid (shown twice), dahlia, American lotus, Asiatic lily, and sacred lotus.  Some of these flowers are native to North America, while others made there way here from across the globe.  Wherever they came from, today, they are some of the most popular species found in American gardens.

          Flower gardens are fun to grow for many reasons.  They fill your backyard with color and make for a lovely place to enjoy nature.  They also support pollinators like bees and butterflies.  If you have a fruit or vegetable garden nearby, more pollinators will help it thrive.  It can also be fun picking out the species you want to include in your garden.  Since different species bloom at different times, you can plan it so there will be flowers all the time.  And who wouldn't enjoy picking a fresh bouquet anytime they like?!

          These Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class MailR one-ounce rate.

          Made in the USA.

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