Tulips 2022


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          Tulips are known to herald the true coming of warmer weather and bring lots of color to any garden or backyard.  They come up in early spring after species like snowdrops and crocuses are already spent.

          When it comes to planting anything, The Old Farmer's Almanac is the place to go.  It tells you what time of year to plant, the soil type to plant in, and more.  If you want to add a tulip display to your garden, this publication has plenty of tips for success.  The first is to plan on planting tulip bulbs in early autumn before the ground freezes.  And be sure to plant your bulbs soon after buying them.  They don't store in the same way seed packets do.  Bulbs should be planted in well-draining soil about four to six inches apart.  Each hole should be six to eight inches deep, or about three times the height of the bulb.  Once bulbs are in the ground, you can leave your tulips alone and simply wait for them to pop up in the spring.

          While tulips bring life to your garden, you can also cut them and put them in a vase inside.  To ensure they last as long as possible, make diagonal cuts and keep them in cool, fresh water.  They'll last for up to a week like this and allow you to enjoy your garden's beauty indoors as well as out.

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